ALL In Education
Our Work

Our Work

Our work is driven by our core values. Every decision we make is informed and guided by these values.

Community Connected

We are deeply connected to the roots of our community; we engage those voices that others ignore. We strive for constant input and involvement from those impacted within the communities we serve.

Learn, Adapt, Learn

We are an organization that listens, learns, and adapts to this ever evolving field. We will leverage our continuous learning to update and refine our actions in real-time.


We are an independent entity. We do not do favors, make deals, or play favorites – we are all about serving our mission in an objective and independent way that drives real change in education in Arizona.


We actively engage partners in our journey to ensure system-wide engagement in change and an inclusive community support approach to our work.

Daring Leadership

We are not afraid to take risks, call out what is not working, and take the lead to elevate and amplify what works. We are all about advancing the field to ensure outcomes for youth.


Parent Educator Academy

An initiative designed to place passionate parents in the classrooms of schools to shift the trajectory on workforce development to start growing talent where it matters most - parents - and advancing them into future positions of influence.


Leaders In Support of Transformational Opportunities (LISTO) is a leadership development program that will work with Latino leaders that are ready to serve in local and state education and organization governing board positions.

Adelante Fellows

Adelante Fellows is a year-long fellowship for next generation leaders in Arizona. Adelante will focus on exposing emerging leaders to what it means to be an advocate.


The MAPA annual report will serve as a benchmark to help not only inform our work, but hold us accountable to make sure our organization is enacting the changes we need in our systems. MAPA will evaluate, measure, and report on the state of Latino education, power and influence.


To build real political power, our community has to build resilient independence. We are asking one-hundred Arizona Latino leaders to publicly support our power-building efforts by donating $1,000 and becoming part of Communities Investing in Education (CIEn).


We are committed to compiling research, data, and community feedback to help inform and create actionable reports on the state of education in Arizona.

All In For Equity Pledge

Join us in making an impact. Commit to being ALL in.