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At ALL In Education we are working to address the imbalance of representation across our school systems, at a state and local level. Through MAPA: The State of Arizona Latino Education, Power and Influence, we will evaluate and share findings on the makeup of the entire system, from Arizona school boards, classrooms and Latino academic achievement. Every year we will report on our progress towards increasing Latino representation and attainment. This annual report will serve as the MAPA or roadmap for our organization to help guide our research and policy agenda while keeping us accountable in our progress.

The Impact of COVID-19 On Latino Families

COVID19 has revealed a truth we have always known, the opportunity gap for Latino students is wide and this pandemic is only decreasing their chance of success. We compiled research on the current state of education in Arizona, held a series of community dialogues to hear directly from parents, students, and educators about their concerns, and spoke to leaders from across the education sector. These findings were used to put together our report on the impact COVID-19 has had and will continue to have, not only on our students, but the economic future of our state.

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