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Join us for our open, honest, and thought-provoking live online discussions as we explore topics that affect Latino communities the most. We will be hosting these community conversations twice a month across our digital platforms.


We will be discussing topics ranging from race, equity, to connecting our community to resources built to help.


Episode 15: Equity. Can you use it in a sentence?

Many education advocates would agree that pursuing equity is a worthy endeavor, but what does “pursuing equity” even mean?


These days the word equity is everywhere. From Fortune 500’s to non-profits to statewide school systems, entities of all types have adopted vision statements, missions, and strategies that “prioritize equity,” are “equity-focused,” and will produce outcomes that are — you guessed it — “equitable.”


But, while rooted in meaningful intentions, seldom — if ever — do those entities spell out exactly what that means. As a result, equity — the word, the work and the accountability needed — has become convoluted, siloed, misguided, and in some instances, nonexistent.