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Our challenge

We seek to build an Arizona where ALL communities have access to opportunity and justice.


Where no child is at risk of falling behind, where parents feel valued and supported and most importantly where ALL kids feel loved and honored in their classrooms.


Where every single attribute that students and families carry is viewed as an asset that should be nurtured and developed so they can be our state’s future leaders.


Economic Imperative

76% of Latinos graduate in 4 years compared to 83% of white students.

If we reduced the Latino dropout rate by half, the additional graduates would earn $31 million, which translates to an additional $23 million in spending annually.

Until Latinos have POWER, INFLUENCE and AUTHORITY at ALL LEVELS of education—from students to working families; teachers to administrators; school board members to governing officials; making financial decisions, influencing policy, and investing real capital—while collectively HOLDING LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE to creating access to opportunity and justice for Latino students and families…this problem will never end.


Stephanie Parra

Executive Director

Stephanie Parra is the Executive Director of ALL In Education aims to ensure that the communities most impacted by education inequities are the ones making decisions for ALL students. Established to close the gap and achieve better representation on the state’s education policy-making bodies, ALL In Education aims to increase the number of Latino members on education boards that directly impact policy.


Stephanie is a first-generation American originally from Yuma, Arizona. As one of the first in her family to attend college, Parra saw first-hand the importance of education and the wonders it can do to develop a child’s life and future. She holds a Bachelor’s in Justice Studies and Psychology, and a Master’s in Higher and Postsecondary Education. Her passion for education led her to past roles at Teach For America, Arizona State University, T.W. Lewis Foundation, and the Arizona Education Association. Parra currently serves on the Governing Board of the Phoenix Union High School District, representing Ward 3.  She is passionate about ensuring every student in Arizona receives an excellent education and is adequately prepared to succeed in college, career, and life. 


“I am thrilled to join ALL In Education as the Executive Director. This cause is exactly the kind of organization Arizona Latino students and families need to be successful; one that listens, values their perspective, and shares their experiences. I look forward to collaborating with our community and local leaders to move our Latino families forward and advance educational equity in Arizona,” said Parra.

Anaiis Ballesteros

Senior Director of Communications and strategy

Anaiis Ballesteros, an Arizona native and first-generation college student, is passionate about ensuring every student has access to opportunity and justice in their education journey. Anaiis is currently Senior Director of Communications and Strategy at ALL In Education where is responsible for leading the strategy development for the communications efforts for the organization. 


She brings more than 10 years of professional marketing and communications experience in the non-profit, advocacy and political sectors. Prior to joining ALL In Education, Ms. Ballesteros was part of Expect More Arizona where she served as Director of Digital Engagement and led the digital engagement strategies. She was also part of the Helios Education Foundation team where she provided support to the marketing communications team in strategic communication development and marketing efforts in support of the Foundation’s strategic investment goals. Anaiis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications from the University of Arizona. 

Livier Delgadillo

Senior Director of Leadership programs

Livier Delgadillo has over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of nonprofits focused on small business and community development, youth and early childhood development, and affordable housing for Special Needs populations. 


Prior to joining the ALL In Education team as Senior Director of Leadership Programs, she worked as the Membership Placement Coordinator for the Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus Pine Council while also providing translation and marketing services to two marketing firms.  Before her work as the Membership Placement Coordinator, she was the Community Outreach Coordinator and the Commercial Kitchen Business Incubator Manager for Local First Arizona Foundation.  In this function, she helped develop, implement, and lead the Fuerza Local Arizona communications strategy which helped increase program participation and community engagement and led the DreamBuilder program which helped women fulfill their long-life dream of establishing their own business. A core piece of her work with these nonprofit organizations has been to identify and secure financing in the form of grants to continue providing critical community services. 

While her career has been focused on primarily assisting the nonprofit sector, helping families in various areas, and working with diverse populations, Livier has also worked with the public and private sectors to increase public awareness of access to programs and resources for the Latino community throughout the Valley.  

Her interest to help and fight for others is something she developed from an early age from being raised by immigrant parents in US-Mexican border community of Nogales, Arizona. As a cross-cultural interpreter, she can advocate for children as well as adults and parents who are afraid to have a voice due to their limitation in dominating the English Language. 

Livier has a Master’s of Nonprofit Administration Degree from the University of Notre Dame, a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Arizona. She was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Bryanna Cisneros

Operations Director

Bryanna Cisneros is the Operations Director at ALL in Education. As a first generation Mexican-American and first generation college graduate, Bryanna is passionate about ensuring that ALL students have the access and opportunities to receive a higher education, whether that be at a four year institution or a trade school. 

Bryanna has over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit sector where she has gained valuable skills and experiences to help her move the work of ALL In Education forward. Prior to joining the ALL In Education team, she worked as the Member Placement Manager for the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council. While there, she co-led and managed teams of volunteers that facilitated workshops and retreats to develop and foster the leadership skills of the participants that would then help mentor and use those skills with the troop members in the Girl Scouts. 

During her time at the Maricopa Community Colleges, Bryanna was a member of the Student Public Policy Forum (SPPF) where she learned about the importance of advocacy through positive social change. During this year-long experiential program, Bryanna learned about local, state, and national public policy making, including being a positive influence on the citizenry and encouraging civic involvement. 

Through her experiences at SPPF, she was able to identify her field of study. She attended Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Public Service and Public Policy. Bryanna is currently part of the inaugural cohort of Adelante Fellows, which will help her develop her leadership and social organizing skills.

Jeff Zetino

Research and policy Director

As a first-generation college graduate, Jeff experienced the challenges of accessing a quality education and the life-changing opportunities that come with that education. Jeff has made it his life’s mission to make those opportunities available to all students, no matter what zip code they live in.  His career in community transformation has allowed him the opportunity to work with a variety of sectors. His experience in navigating the increasingly intertwined relationships between governments, the private sector, the non-profit sector, and grassroots advocacy agencies facilitates his work for meaningful and impactful systemic change in Arizona’s education system.

Liliana Hutcheson

Organizing Director

Liliana is a mother, wife, and seasoned grassroots organizer. Prior to moving to the United States, Liliana obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Mexico, Queretaro. Being born and raised in Mexico, Liliana deeply connects with the Latinx communities she loves to serve. Searching for a better life, Liliana moved to the United States in 2000 and quickly set her sights on becoming more involved in the education space in Arizona. Her journey began as a Teacher assistant where her parent advocacy skills and love for empowering parents was quickly recognized and led her to become a part of school leadership where she bridged the gap between school staff and multi-lingual parents whose voices had been neglected.


Understanding the needs of the Latinx community, she then transitioned to work with an organization called the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options-HCREO, here she was able to fine-tune her leadership skills by working with diverse groups of parents and pushing them forward to reach higher levels of self-efficacy, agency, and success.

Four years later, Liliana began working for Stand for Children where she managed, led, trained and developed parents with skills to mobilize and take action to improve the quality of educational opportunities in their communities by becoming the voice of their children. In 2015 AZ state math standardized testing began to change and parents became worried that their children would not meet benchmarks, empowered to ensure the success of their children, these parents began a tutoring program led by high school students, this was a major breakthrough in Liliana’s organizing career because this is the moment she witnessed the parents own their power and potential to make change for students in the community. This moment lies at the center of her “WHY” and continues to motivate her work in education advocacy.

Liliana has experience working on several local and state campaigns and couldn’t be more excited about all the opportunities she has been part of supporting education in Arizona. Throughout her 17 years of organizing, Liliana has mobilized voters in support of budget overrides in different school districts and helped several board members and legislators who are education champions to get elected. She has organized several community forums, focus groups, and listening sessions with parents and community leaders where parents used their power to influence change in their community and has played an instrumental role in educating parents on English Language Learner reform legislation.


Some of her most recent work has been focused on developing an early childhood reading program, to improve students’ literacy outcomes in the early grades to break down barriers between schools and families, working on education funding initiatives, and starting a youth civic engagement group with high school students. After more than 17 years of supporting parents, she’s more committed than ever to continue supporting Latino parents across the Valley in her new role as Organizing Director at ALL in Education.

Danny Hernandez


Danny Hernandez is a progressive policy advocate and activist based in Phoenix. Currently, he serves as the Community Impact and Learning Manager for ALL in Education. 

A first-generation American, Danny became the first in his family to obtain a bachelors degree. Since then, he has amassed over a decade of professional experiences in political and policy advocacy; issue and electoral organizing; and program/campaign development and administration at the local, state and national level.


Danny moved to Phoenix from the east coast in late 2014. Before then, he lived in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, working as an advocate with non-profits and legal organizations representing various marginalized communities including LGBTQ service-members, Philadelphia labor leaders, and Pennsylvania agricultural migrant workers. In Arizona, Danny has maintained his commitment to social justice causes, namely in support of Phoenix-area youth as well as the state’s public school educators and staff. 

Beyond campaign and issue-related advocacy work, Danny also continues to mobilize Arizonans by sharing his story as a diversity, equity and inclusion speaker and facilitator. Danny is a Marine Corps veteran turned organizer, having lobbied directly for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law. Danny’s story — which helped shine a light on the injustices facing LGBT service members –was featured in NPR, The Guardian, MTV, CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Univision and others, and included in the book “Our Time,” which gives first-hand accounts from over a dozen LGBTQ service members and veterans who served under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Mirka Martinez

Leadership Programs Manager

Mirka Martinez, is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. Raised in Somerton, Arizona, Mirka attended the University of Arizona and became the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. These lived experiences have been a catalyst for Mirka’s professional endeavors where she remains passionate about service, education, community engagement and resource equity, ensuring families have the tools they need to realize their educational aspirations.


Mirka is the Leadership Programs Manager for ALL In Education where she utilizes her skills on recruitment and planning for ALL In Education’s Leadership programs, including the Parent Educator Academy. Prior to Working with ALL In Education, Mirka worked with CPLC where she managed the Southern Arizona Workforce program. In this position, she focused on helping young adults find their career paths by creating internship programs with Tucson nonprofits and small companies during the summer.


Denia Uriarte

Leadership Programs Specialist

Denia has been involved in the nonprofit sector for over ten years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has extensive experience working with families in the community, believes every child deserves access to quality education, and welcomes the opportunity to continue supporting families. She also has extensive experience in family advocacy and early childhood education. 

Denia is the Leadership Programs Specialist for ALL In Education where she utilizes her skills on recruitment and family engagement for ALL In Education’s Leadership programs, including the Parent Educator Academy. 

board of directors

Luis Avila

Luis Avila

Founder & Board Chairman



Luis Avila is the visionary Founder and Board Chairman of ALL In Education, the first incubation project of his nonprofit Instituto Lab, an accelerator and incubator focused in building political power with low-income and communities of color in Arizona. Luis has an extensive background in social justice work, and also serves as President and Founder of Iconico Campaigns, a company that works to build advocacy capacity in organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Migrating in 2000 from Mexico, Luis stayed in the U.S. to attend college, where he developed projects with people involved in arts, politics and social justice. In 2004, Luis learned about voting rights in Jackson, Mississippi, as part of the American Freedom Summer program. He collaborated with organizers and leaders to advocate for the DREAM Act, fought against anti-immigrant legislation SB1070 and challenged Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s discriminatory practices in Arizona.


In 2008, Luis joined the Obama campaign where he got insight on cornerstone aspects of electoral organizing. This knowledge, paired with technologies developed to boost volunteer engagement, is applied now in all his advocacy work. Luis spearheaded Somos América in 2011, the largest immigrant-rights coalition in Arizona, and has served on the Boards of Directors of UnidosUS, The New Teacher Project and Stand For Children. He’s a NextGen Google Fellow, a Pahara-Aspen Fellow, member of Education Leaders of Color and an advisor to several national civic engagement organizations.

Leticia de la Vara

Leticia de la Vara

Vice Chair


Leticia de la Vara advises TNTP’s executive team on strategy, accountability, innovation, and the implementation of organization-wide initiatives.


Previously, as a Partner, she provided oversight and support for the development and growth of internal and external Public Affairs projects and policy advisement. Prior to TNTP, Leticia held leadership positions at Friendly House, UnidosUS, Expect More Arizona, and One Arizona. In those roles, she worked with elected officials, community-based organizations, grassroots and grasstops leaders, business chambers, universities, and state and federal entities to meld policy with programs and enhance opportunities for historically marginalized communities.


Leticia currently serves as a governing board member of the ACLU of AZ, the AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Chicanos por la Causa, and as the Arizona representative of the national ACLU. She was a recipient of the DHL Microbusiness Entrepreneurship Award, Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award, the Valle del Sol/Univision Hispanic 40 Under 40 Award, and the 2014 recipient of the Hispanic Leadership Institute’s Alumni Leadership Award.


Leticia received her BS in nonprofit leadership and management from Arizona State University.

Adriana Murrietta

Secretary / Treasurer


Adriana Murrietta currently serves as the Executive Director of the Pharos Foundation and has spent more than ten years working to improve education for Arizona students. A former director of multicultural community engagement at Expect More Arizona, Figueroa led the organization’s statewide outreach and mobilization efforts within the Hispanic and Native American communities and served as the spokesperson and point of contact for Spanish-speaking media.

Murrietta began her career in education as a member of the board of the Unitarian Universalist Early Education Cooperative Preschool in Paradise Valley. She later led the preschool as interim director, managing state compliance and deficiency elimination initiatives. Adriana expanded her role in education advocacy and policy as the operations and development manager at Stand for Children Arizona where she managed partnerships with Latino organizations, led volunteer outreach efforts and oversaw events and grant writing.

A proven leader in her community, Murrietta is a graduate of the Hispanic Leadership Institute and Valley Leadership and a founding board member of the Isac Amaya Foundation. She also serves as an advisory board member for All in Education, the Desert Botanical Garden and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona.

Murrietta resides in Phoenix with her two daughters and husband.

Maria Barquin

Board Member


Starting as an on-air talent and Promotions Tech with La Campesina Phoenix Radio Station, it has been more than two decades since Maria Barquin joined Chavez Media Group, working her way through the ranks to Promotions Director and eventually landing in her current role as Program Director. Not only has she established herself as a prominent figure in radio broadcasting as one of the very few female Program Directors in a male-dominated industry, but she has also received awards and accolades for her Spanish-language network programming from some of the most influential organizations that track and measure broadcasting performance.


Maria’s life can be considered the epitome of the “American dream” coming from very humble beginnings in Rocky Point, Baja California, Mexico, she emigrated to the United States at the young age of 14 along with her parents and siblings. It was only a few years later that she recognized she had a curiosity turned passion for broadcasting which drove her to seek out opportunities and complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting Business Management at the nationally recognized Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University in 2003. She later continued her education, receiving her Master’s Degree of Science in Digital Audience Strategies also from the Cronkite School in 2021. Due to her personal values and the challenges she confronted to accomplish her ambitions as an immigrant in the U.S., she has always felt a need to be of service to the community. This is why she has and continues to serve on various community boards such as the Phoenix Census, Hispanic Advisory Police Committee, Siena Vista HOA Board of Directors, the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, and the BBB Arizona Board of Directors.

Gaby Cardenas

Board Member


Gaby Cardenas is an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur with more than 22 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and strategic communications. She was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, honing her business acumen at a young age as she helped with the family’s small business. After rising through the ranks of corporate America, in 2017 Gaby founded The Colibri Collective: the first Latina-owned digital marketing firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, she has taken her agency to new heights, winning campaigns that mobilize and engage diverse audiences with data, skill, and emotion across a national footprint.

In 2022, after 5+ years of remarkable growth, The Colibri Collective opened a new division based in Los Angeles to expand the company’s footprint. This new division of The Colibri Collective focuses on political and advocacy client work and has already yielded exciting new partnerships.

Under Gaby’s leadership, in 2022 The Colibri Collective was also selected by both the NFL and the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee to provide Spanish translation and PR services for Super Bowl LVII. The Colibri Collective’s publicity efforts contributed to the attendance of nearly 300,000 fans at the Super Bowl Experience at the Phoenix Convention Center and Hance Park, including nearly 25,000 fans who enjoyed the first ever Super Bowl Watch Party.

Gaby prides herself in delivering each project for her clients with a high level of quality and aesthetic. Driving campaigns from the ground up, Gaby leads with a precise understanding of what mobilizes and engages audiences to bring campaigns to life. In her role as The Colibri Collective’s CEO, she partners with clients that align with her values to create meaningful change. 

Both Gaby and The Colibri Collective have received multiple national awards and repeated recognition for excellence in marketing and digital strategy. Gaby has been awarded by Independent Voting and named a Women Achiever of Arizona by the Arizona Capitol Times. She was also recognized with the coveted 40 Under 40 Hispanic Leaders award and is an Athena Award nominee. Her work for The Colibri Collective has also been nationally recognized with the 2021 USPS Best of Best for Direct Mail, a 2021 CampaignTech Award for Innovation in Voter Contact, and has received multiple Reed and AAPC Pollie Awards for innovative work. The agency has also been recognized as the best in the industry for several years in a row for Spanish language websites.

In addition to her entrepreneurship, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to volunteering and mentorship to uplift the local community. She is a board member of both the International Women’s Forum Arizona, Arizona Donors Alliance and ALL in Education.



We are deeply connected to the roots of our community; we engage those voices that others ignore. We strive for constant input and involvement from those impacted within the communities we serve. 


We are an organization that listens, learns, and adapts to this ever evolving field. We will leverage our continuous learning to update and refine our actions in real-time.


We are an independent entity. We do not do favors, make deals, or play favorites – we are all about serving our mission in an objective and independent way that drives real change in education in Arizona.


We actively engage partners in our journey to ensure system-wide engagement in change and an inclusive community support approach to our work.


We are not afraid to take risks, call out what is not working, and take the lead to elevate and amplify what works. We are all about advancing the field to ensure outcomes for youth.

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There are currently no openings at ALL In Education. As we grow our organization, we encourage you continue checking for available opportunities.

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