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MAPA—Our roadmap


At ALL In Education we are working to address the imbalance of representation across our school systems, at a state and local level. Through MAPA: The State of Arizona Latino Education, Power and Influence, we will evaluate and share findings on the makeup of the entire system, from Arizona school boards, classrooms and Latino academic achievement. Every year we will report on our progress towards increasing Latino representation and attainment. This annual report will serve as the MAPA or roadmap for our organization to help guide our research and policy agenda while keeping us accountable in our progress.

The 2023 MAPA Summit

The MAPA Summit presents the MAPA Report findings and connects the dots between all the issues and policies that have been stacked up against Latino students for decades. Tune in to the 2023 Summit featuring Dr. Jose Luis Cruz Rivera - President of NAU.


We thank our 2023 MAPA Summit sponsors for their partnership and support to help make this event possible.

MAPA: The State of Arizona Latino Education, Power and Influence

At ALL In Education we are working to ensure that individuals from the communities most impacted by education inequities are the ones making decisions for ALL students. We seek to build an Arizona where ALL communities have access to opportunity and justice. The MAPA annual report will serve as a benchmark to help not only inform our work, but hold us accountable to make sure our organization is enacting the changes we need in our systems.


MAPA will evaluate, measure, and report on the state of Latino education, power and influence. This is intended to be a transparent tool that reflects on our own efforts as well as those in the ecosystem that have an active role to play in moving the needle forward for Latino youth in our state. Our virtual summit will unveil the results of our report to our community.

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