ALL In Education

Policy and Research


ALL In Education believes that ALL students, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level, zip code, immigration status, religion, special need or ability, native language, gender or orientation, deserve investment and access to high quality education.


We firmly believe that ALL students deserve to feel loved, respected, honored and valued in their schools and communities.


We have an opportunity to create a more vibrant and thriving Arizona, where all students and communities have access to success. The time is now for us to take action and address the critical issues that plague our schools systems and keep students from succeeding.​

ALL In For Equity Task Force

We believe that in order for us to make a bigger and more significant impact, we need to work together with our partners and community. Our ALL In For Equity Task Force has been critical in helping inform and create a research and policy agenda that will move our efforts forward.

Our Task Force is made up of 40 education, advocacy, philanthropic, business and community focused organizations and individuals committed to making impact.

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