We're building...

an Arizona where ALL communities have access to opportunity and justice. Take our Pledge to Advance Equity in Education today!

Our Purpose

We exist to ensure that individuals from the communities most impacted by education inequities are the ones making decisions for all students.​

Our challenge

We seek to build an Arizona where no child is at risk of falling behind, where parents feel valued and supported and most importantly where ALL kids feel loved and honored in their classrooms.


Our programs and initiatives are designed to meet our five strategic pillars.


LEAD ACTIONABLE OUTCOMES: Drive equity framework to change new and existing policies, practices and programs.


BUILD PIPELINE: Build leadership pipeline to advance leaders of color into positions of influence and authority.



HOLD ACCOUNTABLE: Use the power of accountability to hold leaders responsible for outcomes for low income and families of color.


BE AN INNOVATION CATALYST: Design, pilot, study, and partner to scale new and amplify existing impactful initiatives.


ADVANCE AGENDA: Develop and advance policy reform through our sister 501(c)4 organization, ALL In EdAction Fund.

JOin us in making an impact

We're making a difference for Arizona.

"Strong and effective leaders are courageous, compassionate and bold in their convictions to create change for their communities. They lead with their values, not their egos. We need more values-based, daring leaders in the world. This is why we exist."
Stephanie Parra
Executive Director