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Adelante Fellows is a eight-month fellowship for next generation leaders in Arizona. Adelante will focus on exposing emerging leaders to what it means to be an advocate, how policies are formed, how the education system works and the role politics play in influencing the system.


Each session will provide a deep dive into a specific theme led by industry experts. Adelante will also be focused on promoting partnership and camaraderie amongst fellows from diverse backgrounds and political thought. This program is free of cost to the participants.


We encourage all interested individuals to apply and we invite you to share this opportunity with potential candidates. Feel free to share our informational form


We are at a pivotal moment when it comes to education policy and advocacy. We know that 46% of Arizona’s K-12 students are Latino, yet they are by far, severely underrepresented in their classrooms and are disproportionately attending schools that are under-resourced and not achieving at the rate of their white peers. The longer we wait to solve these issues the further we jeopardize our state’s economic prosperity, health of our communities and success of our students.


Engage in Monthly Saturday Sessions

Virtual sessions run from 9am-3pm. Will require time for pre-reading materials.

Engage with Local School System

Attend and observe a local school board meeting and tour a local school to give you insight on how our systems work.

Adelante Fellowship

Develop new innovative solutions to challenges they observe in our education system in the form of a project.

Content and Fellowship Experiences

The curriculum will focus on three key areas: Education Landscape in Arizona, Racial Equity in Education, and Practical Experiences and Application


Nominate A Potential Fellow ✨

We are asking our supporters to nominate a next-gen leader you know who would be great for this program.