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Take Our Pledge

Take Our Pledge

Our work is possible through partnership and collaboration. We need every Arizonan to commit to ensuring that a quality education and quality school is provided for ALL students – regardless of their background or where they live. 


Commit to being part of the solution by taking our ALL In for EQUITY pledge.

All In For Equity Pledge

Commit to being ALL IN

The ALL In for EQUITY Framework will ensure we ask critical questions, assess data, and engage the community to increase educational attainment for Latino students, students of color, and low-income families. 



Arizona Latino students are the fastest-growing demographic block in the state, representing 47% of the overall student population. The economic success of our state depends on their achievement. Additionally, Arizona low-income families and communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by inequitable policies, practices and programs for far too long. These inequities have spanned issues like education, workforce development, housing, immigration, healthcare, and have resulted in large populations of disconnected and disengaged youth of color in our state.



Evaluate—We will evaluate how our decisions support Latino youth, youth of color, and low-income families on a regular basis around all major decision and ensure equity.


Question—We will question ourselves and challenge our own assumptions and biases on the impact this decision will have on Latino youth, youth of color, and low-income families.


Understand—We will take the time to deeply understand which communities will benefit and which communities will be burdened by the decision before making it final.


IncludeWe will include stakeholders from the Latino community or other communities impacted by the policy, practice and program and get their input before making the decision.


ThoughtfulWe will be thoughtful during our process to thoroughly review data and relevant facts before making decisions that will impact Latino youth, youth of color, and low-income families.


Yield OpportunityOur final decision will demonstrate the ability to yield opportunity for Latino youth, youth of color, and low-income families, and we will have data tied to a set of outcomes in Evaluate.

All In For Equity Pledge

Commit to being ALL IN.