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Parent Educator Academy (PEA)

Parents and families are their child’s best teacher, but they don’t always have the tools they need to provide the best support when it comes to their education. The Parent Educator Academy (PEA) is a free 3 month training program that helps participants become better prepared to better support their children in their educational journeys.


PEA consists of two opening sessions for all participants, and two subsequent paths of three sessions each. The opening sessions include content on the Opportunity Myth and the history of public education in Arizona broadly. Then parents can choose to pursue one of two paths or both. Path 1 is focused on Early Literacy Development with the purpose of giving the parents of young children the tools to engage in conversations with educators that go beyond behavior to focus on academic development. Path 2 provides parents of older students the tools to continue to be actively engaged in their children’s schooling experiences.



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Participants will:

  • Learn about the history of public schools in Arizona  
  • Gain skills to have effective conversations with teachers, staff and school leaders 
  • Identify ways to continue to engage with their children’s schools and school staff through middle school and high school
  • Understand the organizational structures of districts, schools and common barriers to parent accessibility to schools 
  • Increase awareness of authentic engagement and leadership opportunities within schools (this will vary campus to campus)


  • Sept 7th-10th: Come Meet Us (Only need to attend one session)
  • Sept 14th & 16th: Info on AZ School (Only need to attend one session)
  • Sept 21st & 23rd : Identity and Storytelling (Only need to attend one session)
  • Sept 24th: Commitment Form Due
  • Sept 27th- Nov 15th:TNTP Sessions (Every Monday from 4:30-6pm)